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EANET Sprint Contest 2019

The EANET Sprint Contest 2019 devoted to the "Radio Clubs of the World", will be on November 3rd from 08:00 to 12:00 UTC.

EURAO Annual General Assembly 22nd June 2019

The General Assembly of the European Radio Amateur’s Organisation will take place on Saturday June 22nd, at its booth A1-696 in Europe’s largest Amateur Radio exhibition at Friedrichshafen. Members of EURAO will meet to discuss about the past, the present and especially the future of the organisation, its projects and its next objectives. All of you are invited to attend […]

EI100ABC – Alcock and Brown Centenary

Alcock & Brown Centenary Members & friends of The Galway Radio Experimenters Club (GREC) will for the month of June be operating as EI100ABC. The special event station commemorates the 1st transatlantic non-stop crossing by the famous aviators Alcock & Brown who in June 1919 made the trip from Newfoundland, Canada to Clifden, Ireland in […]

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