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VHF-UHF-SHF Weak Signal Day conference October 13th

On 13th October 2018 DKARS will hold their third VHF-UHF-SHF Weak Signal Day, at Astron / Camras located near the town of Lhee in the Netherlands This day aims to bring together Radio Amateurs interested in weak signal communications in order to give an impetus to this activity on the air. In addition to a […]

Zello on Southern Ireland Repeater Network

Zello, regarded by most as an IP network with some questioning it’s Amateur Radio credentials, has now taken a step which starts to place it alongside Echolink. The Zello network has now been connected to the extensive Southern Ireland Repeater Network. Licenced Radio Amateurs can access the repeater network via Zello but will first require […]

EI0MAR – Kingstown Regatta Centenary – Sat 21st July

In the late 19th century the Kingstown Regatta yacht race was a big annual social event in Dublin, Ireland (then part of the United Kingdom).  Kingstown is today known as Dún Laoghaire (anglicised pronunciation Dunleary) Wireless telegraphy was in its infancy when in July 1898 the Dublin Express newspaper invited Marconi to set up a […]

ITU enters the political arena

The Secretary-General of the International Telecommunication Union has said that the use by Kosovo of Z6 callsigns is “unauthorised and illegal”. The Z6 prefix is unallocated by the ITU. The statement is contained in  ITU Operational Bulletin no 1149,  which reads: Following the inquiry of the Administration of Serbia of 16 March 2018 regarding the use of Call Sign […]

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