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Automatic Antenna Switch for ICOM IC-7300

Since the ICOM IC-7300 transceiver came on the market one of the wish list items for the rig is that it had more than one antenna socket. The Funk Amateur website has recently introduced a kit which, through an external unit, provides the IC-7300 and most other ICOM rigs with the  facility to automatically switch […]

Petrica Stolnicu YO9RIJ elected new President of EURAO

At the recent General Assembly of the European Radio Amateurs Organisation, Petrica Stolnicu, YO9RIJ, 43, was elected to be President of EURAO for the period 2017-2019. YO9RIJ has previously been Vice-president of EURAO since 2015 and founding Vice-president of ARR (Romanian Radio Club Association – Asociatia Radioclubul Romaniei). In an interview with Petrica, published recently on the EURO website,  a […]

FEDI-EA the EA Digital Federation EXPAT CLUB

Since FEDI-EA, The EA Digital Federation, started their campaign “Yes, we speak English …” in 2014, a lot of Radio Amateurs from other countries, but living in Spain, have become members of the Federation. At present they represent 2.8% of the membership. To serve their special needs and put them in contact with each other, FEDI-EA plan […]

Radio DARC shortwave broadcasts for IARU Region 1 Conference

Radio DARC International Shortwave Broadcasts During the 24th IARU Region 1 Conference in Landshut, Germany, from 17th September until 22nd September, there will be a series of six consecutive special shortwave broadcasts to keep the IARU Region 1 amateur radio audience up to date with news and background reports The programmes will be in the […]

Spanish Geodesic Vertices Diploma

The Radio Club Henares operates the Geodesic Vertices Diploma of Spain, which has similarities to both the Worked all Britain Trig Point Award and to SOTA. Information about the award (in Spanish) can be found of the Radio Club Henares website (unfortunately this does not appear to interact very well with the online translation systems) The […]

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