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ARLS003 Fox-1D AO-92 Now Commissioned and Open for Amateur Use

AMSAT Vice President-Operations Drew Glasbrenner, KO4MA, has declared that Fox-1D (AO-92) is now open for general Amateur Radio use. This news follows on from an announcement by AMSAT Vice-President-Engineering Jerry Buxton, N0JY, that AO-92 had been commissioned and formally turned over to AMSAT Operations. Initially, the U/v FM transponder will be open continuously for one week. […]

CQ Scotland – introducing electronics and Amateur Radio to the next generation

On January 23rd 2018 delivered an introduction to basic electronics to children from two schools in Hamilton on behalf of South Lanarkshire Council. CQ Scotland introduction to electronics and Amateur Radio, Hamilton January 2018 Despite very wet weather, 28 children, 20 adults and 6 support staff attended this event at Whitehill Community Centre, Hamilton, Scotland. […]

TM20SLR special event station 14th to 28th January

The special event callsign TM20SLR remembers the 20 years since the closing of Saint Lys Radio FFL TM20SLR will run from 14th to 28th January, 2018,  in memory of French maritime radio station Saint-Lys Radio, which provided a much appreciated service to seafarers and their families. The special event pays homage to the human and […]

MSF engineering downtime 14 Dec 10:00 to 14:00 UTC

The MSF 60 kHz time and frequency signal broadcast from Anthorn Radio Station will be shut down on Thursday 14 December from 10:00 to 14:00 UTC. The MSF radio signal is a dedicated time broadcast that provides an accurate and reliable source of UK civil time, based on the NPL time scale UTC(NPL). It was originally […]

RSGB Emerging Technology Coordination Committee seeks new Chair

The Radio Society of Great Britain’s Emerging Technology Coordination Committee develops and enhances the UK amateur radio repeater and data communications systems and promotes the introduction and rollout of appropriate new technologies. This committee performs a key role in the enjoyment of amateur radio by large numbers of RSGB Members.

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