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MSF engineering downtime 14 Dec 10:00 to 14:00 UTC

The MSF 60 kHz time and frequency signal broadcast from Anthorn Radio Station will be shut down on Thursday 14 December from 10:00 to 14:00 UTC. The MSF radio signal is a dedicated time broadcast that provides an accurate and reliable source of UK civil time, based on the NPL time scale UTC(NPL). It was originally […]

RSGB Emerging Technology Coordination Committee seeks new Chair

The Radio Society of Great Britain’s Emerging Technology Coordination Committee develops and enhances the UK amateur radio repeater and data communications systems and promotes the introduction and rollout of appropriate new technologies. This committee performs a key role in the enjoyment of amateur radio by large numbers of RSGB Members.

Editor required for Echo Ireland

The IRTS, the Irish Radio Transmitter’s Society, are urgently looking for a volunteer to fill the position of Editor of their magazine Echo Ireland To ensure continued publication of the Society’s journal a volunteer is urgently required. Anyone interested is asked to contact Gerry EI8CC or Séamus EI8BP.

ICOM IC-7610 “Contest Grade” SDR Transceiver introduction

Recently ICOM UK were able to experience  a pre-production sample of the new IC-7610 HF/50MHz SDR transceiver and took the chance to  produce a short introduction video giving their first impressions. The video classes the transceiver as “contest grade” and demonstrates that it has a significant number of additional features compared to the widely acclaimed […]

EANET Sprint Contest Nov 5 2017 0800 to 1200 utc

Devoted to the “Radio Clubs of the World” the 2017 EANET Sprint takes place on November 5 from 08:00 to 12:00 UTC. In just four hours you have the chance to win original and funny prizes that you can share with your mate or friends: hotels, restaurants, wellness or adventures. Moreover, you will have the opportunity to […]

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