UBA DX Contest – today

The UBA DX SSB Contest takes place from 1300 UTC today Saturday 31 January to 1259 UTC Sunday 1st February on the 5 bands from 80-10m with single and all-band categories for HP, LP & QRP.

Rules can be found at http://www.uba.be/en/hf/contest-rules/uba-dx-contest-rules

The UBA contests operate under the Patronage of the EC Commission, responsible for Communication, Information and Culture and the 28th EUROPEAN UNION TROPHY will be awarded to the highest scoring Single Operator EU member station from both the CW and SSB.

The CW contest will run on February 28th/March 1st.

Exchange Serial numbers. ON stations add their district code. Everyone works everyone and there are many extra points for working ON stations.

Amateur radio satellite talk

AO-73 (FUNcube-1) - Image credit Wouter Weggelaar PA3WEG

Monday, January 26 there will be a presentation on the FUNcube-1 (AO-73) and SO-50 satellites at the Hog’s Back Amateur Radio Club near Farnham.

Mike Parkin, G0JMI, will give a talk entitled:Amateur Radio Satellites: A General Overview and Understanding of FUNcube-1 (AO-73) and Saudi-Sat 1c (SO-50).

Satellite operation is not quite as daunting as it can at first appear, and Mike will enlighten the audience with some of his experiences, as well as the equipment and techniques used for satellite communication.

Doors open at 7:30 pm for 8:00 pm on Monday, January 26, 2015 at the Crondall Scout Hut, Pankridge Street, Crondall, Farnham, Surrey, GU10 5RQ. As usual the kettle will be on to provide the refreshment.

A map of the meeting place can be found on the Contact Details page at

Facebook https://www.facebook.com/groups/Hogsbackarc/

(above originally from http://amsat-uk.org/2015/01/22/satellite-talk-hogs-back/)

OZ9ØIARU – 90th anniversary of IARU

To celebrate  the 90th anniversary of International Amateur Radio Union, Danish Radio  Amateurs will be operational with special event call, OZ9ØIARU, throughout 2015 and will be operational on all bands and all modes.


  • QSL cards should not be sent via the bureau. Paper QSL may be requested via http://www.clublog.org/logsearch/OZ90IARU – Please click on “Request QSL card” after you have searched our log. You may have QSL via Bureau for free or you can pay to get it direct via postal mail.
  • All QSOs will be verified via LoTW and eQSL.
  • Paper QSL-request via postal mail. Please send a SAE and include 1 IRC or 3 USD to cover return postage. Please provide Call, date, UTC, band and mode and send your request to the QSL manager OZ0J. IRC – must be the new type “Water of Life”, valid until December 31st 2017. QSL card with insufficient payment will be returned via bureau.
  • Wrong / missing QSOs can be reported to OZ0J at qsl@oz90iaru.dk
  • All paper QSL cards will be sent from Denmark not earlier than February 2016.


There is an award available for this special event. The rules of the award are:


  • Gold award: QSO on 4 different bands regardless the mode
  • Silver award: QSO on 3 different bands regardless the mode
  • Bronze award: QSO on 2 different bands regardless the mode

European stations:

  • Gold award: QSO on 7 different bands regardless the mode
  • Silver award: QSO on 5 different bands regardless the mode
  • Bronze award: QSO on 3 different bands regardless the mode

All QSOs must be with the same call sign to get the award.

If you have made the needed contacts for an award you can get it by:

  • Print yourself: Send an e-mail to award Manager OZ4CG award@oz90iaru.dk We check your QSOs in Club-log and you will, free of charge, get an e-mail reply with the requested award attached , so you can print it out yourself.
  • Laminated ready print: Send a letter to QSL Manager OZ0J to get the paper-award, and specify which award you want. All awards to one address cost USD 10 or 3 valid IRC to cover our costs for printing the award and for envelope and return postage.

Fo payment you may also use PayPal on the webpage www.oz90iaru.dk/award.htm

If you have any questions about our award, please contact award@oz90iaru.dk

Deadline for award application is December 31st 2016.

HOMEPAGE: www.oz90iaru.dk

You will find more information on the event homepage where there is  an activity calendar to see when and where there will be operators On Air.

The log will be available at www.clublog.org/logsearch/oz90iaru Please check out that the needed QSO’s are listed in Clublog, before you send any QSL- or award request.

If you have any questions  contact  webmaster@oz90iaru.dk

Chairman of the OZ9ØIARU event –  Joergen OZ0J

QSL manager:

OZ0J Joergen Roemming, Brandelev Stationsvej 9 DK-4700 Naestved Denmark

UK SOS Radio Weekend 2015

Information about SOS Radio Week can be found here

On 24th and 25th January, Chelmsford ARS will be operating GX0MWT in support of the RNLI SOS Radio Weekend. The stations should be on the air on HF and 144MHz using SSB, data and CW from 10.30 17.00 each day from the Marconi Sailing club at Steeple in Essex on the river Blackwater.

Riviera ARC in Torquay will be running a GB4TLB in support of SOS Radio Week. Plans are to be mainly active on 40m and 2m and depending on band conditions, they may also use 17m and 15m.

Edmund Spicer, M0MNG is taking part in the SOS Radio Week for the first time as a solo operator at his home QTH. He will be active mainly on weekday evenings on 40m SSB, with some activity also on 2m SSB and FM in Southern England. Working his station will count
towards the SOS Radio Week award scheme. More details are on his QRZ.com page.

A list of registered participant in SOS Radio Week can be found here

UK Youth Leader Required

The RSGB Youth Committee is seeking a highly motivated person to take on the role of a Team Leader for a youth event in Tuscany, Italy, to be held in July.

The event brings together 75 young radio amateurs from 15 member societies and previous events have included workshops on antenna building, satellites, ARDF, and robots as well as some on-air sessions and cultural visits.

The Society is looking for someone to lead the UK team, preferably a young teacher or other type of experienced youth leader. The team leader would be expected to contribute towards costs and would have to have their own travel insurance.

Contact Mike Jones, via youth.chairman@rsgb.org.uk.

Information about YOTA – Youngsters on the Air – can be found here.

K3Y – The SKCC January Celebration

K3Y, the Straight Key Century Club’s annual January celebration, commemorates the club’s founding in 2006.

For the first three years, the club’s founders used K1Y, K2A, and K3Y as the celebration’s special-event calls. But someone cleverly noticed that a 3 is nothing more than a backwards, curvaceous E. This “KEY” event has operated under the K3Y call ever since.

The on-air party is open to members and non-members alike. It runs from 0000 UTC Jan. 2 through 2359 UTC Jan. 31. It’s a great time to introduce others to the joys of hand-crafted Morse code using mechanical straight keys, bugs, and side swipers.

This year K3Y operators are on air from each of the 10 US call areas, plus KH6, KL7 and KP4, along with specially scheduled stations in each of six IARU continental regions – in Europe this is Bert/F6HKA.

The locations of K3Y operators can be viewed on a map. European operators include CT1GFQ, DL9YCS, EA8BVP, G0RDO, F6HKA, OH7UG, PH6SKCC, PI4OTC,  UT3UBR and 4X1WQ.

Your QSOs with event operators in all these 19 areas will be tabulated in the Statistics section and can be confirmed with a K3Y QSL card and Sweep Certificate.  Obviously non-USA SKCC members cannot use the K3Y callsign but will indicate their activity in their CQ calls while identifying with their own callsigns.

For SKCC members It’s a great time for members to make progress toward SKCC operating awards. In addition to earning a participation certificate for contacting K3Y stations, any QSO with a K3Y station can be used toward club awards, as long as the award application reflects both stations’ normal call signs.

Special QSL cards will be available to verify each K3Y region you’ve contacted. The design of these cards is selected via the K3Y QSL design contest.

Non US operators are coordinated based upon IARU continental region. Some  have their own special-event calls, such as PH6SKCC, if their licensing authorities allow it.

More information about the SKCC can be found on their website.

More information about the K3Y event can be found here.


EP6T, Kish Island, Iran

EP6T is now operational from Kish Island, Iran.

Most of their main antennas are now installed including the 160m vertical, a vertical for 80m, a 4 square for 40m, 3 HEXbeams, 2 verticals for 30m, a beverage for 160 and 80m, and a small RX loop. Still to be installed are a 2nd vertical for 80m and a 5 element yagi for 10m.

Some photographs have been uploaded here and online logs are being updated.

Welcome to Amateur Radio Europe

Amateur Radio Europe aims to promote Amateur Radio in Europe and Radio Amateurs from Europe.

We aim to promote the many facets of the hobby from LF to SHF, from CW (that’s real radio, isn’t it) through speech (analogue and digital) to vision (whether low def or high def)  to all the many modern digital modes (with their varying times of longevity).

We aim to promote Amateur Radio as a technical hobby carried out by operators who have a knowledge of what they are about – and, if that knowledge is lacking, we will try to point you in directions which will educate you.