IOTA EU-038 Ameland Islands PC2D

Frank/PA3GWN (PC2D) and friends Monique/DO3MKT, William/DO3WKS, Rudi/PA4UNX, Gerard/PA7CW and Arnold/PD2C will be active as PC2D from Ameland Islands during the Dutch PACC Contest (February 14-15th)

The group will be on the island between February 13-16th. Outside of the contest, operators will use their own callsigns and activity on all bands, 160-10 meters using CW and SSB.

Contest QSOs made with PC2D will be confirmed via LoTW and via the Bureau. QSOs with individual callsigns will be answered according to the QSL information detailed on For updates, watch the PC2D page or follow Frank on Twitter: