Bob English GM3YKE Silent Key

We are sorry to report the death of Bob English GM3YKE on Tuesday 21st April 2015 at the age of 79.

Bob was very well known to the Amateur fraternity in his home county of Ayrshire and was once very active all across Central Scotland as he operated mobile while going about his business.

Bob was a past treasurer of the Central Scotland FM Group and once keeper of the GB3AY repeater. He was also a standby reader for the Central Scotland GB2RS news broadcast on 80 metres.

Bob’s funeral is scheduled for Wednesday 29th April at 15.30 hours at Masonhill Crematorium, just of the A70 outside Ayr, postcode KA6 6EN

Nepal Earthquake Disaster

Emergency Communications for Nepal Earthquake Disaster

On Saturday 25th April 2015 a 7.8 magnitude near-surface earthquake hit Nepal causing widespread destruction, killing many with the death toll rising, and destroying historic landmarks.

A request has been issued that the following frequencies be kept clear for disaster emergency communications:- 21360.0, 18160.0, 14210.0, 14.303, 14.310 and 7100.00

Google Person Finder has opened a page at which aims to assist in connecting survivors with worried relatives.

The following information has been received from Region 3 this morning Sunday 26th April)  Note that the Nepalese amateurs are working on VHF locally and at the time of the report the external net on HF was on 14.210 MHz. 3 hours ago a Twitter report stated that the net had moved to 14.215MHz.

Greg, G0DUB
IARU Region 1 Emergency Communications Co-Ordinator

EARTH QUAKE STRUCK IN Nepal and parts of India

It was terrible to bear as all of a sudden tremors of earth quack struck in the morning around 11.40 a.m. on 25 April 2015. It surprised all the people and everyone came out of their houses. The tremor was experienced 2 – 3 times by all. In Gurgaon as reported by OM Kaustubh VU2UUU that all the 250 people evacuated the building to the safer place. After the effect was over all started their work. Immediately the emergency net was started on 14210 mhz. VU2JAU/AT150ITU was controlling the net. All the other HAMs came in to action soon. In Siliguri few buildings are damaged and a school building in Pokhara, where the epic centre of earth quack is damaged badly but no casualty was reported.

OM Suhas VU2SMN joined the net and helped a lot. OM Suhas VU2SMN remained with Jayu VU2JAU/AT150ITU till late night. Soon 9N1AA OM Satish and 9N!HA OM Suresh was contacted OM Suresh said that he will be on HF in the night but till than OM Satish 9N1AA will be in communication on HF. OM Satish told that there is no power and all are facing problems to get sets on the air. It was advised that they have to transmit only when required with small over?s. He will be operating HF using 25 watts. He also reported that almost 2000 people are affected due to the earth quake having power of 7.7 RV strong. 15 Nepal HAMs are on VHF and are in contacts with each other from different locations. OM Satish 9N1AA is coordinating with Nepal police.

In India 50+ causalities are reported at different areas. It is also understood from OM Kaustubh VU2UUU that 4 companies of NDRF have left for the eastern India. It was announced to the DX HAMs that the emergency net is working on 14210 and all the DX HAMs put it on Cluster and on Social media. It showed its effect soon as the massages started pouring to find out people. More than 15 people were traced out who found to be in good conditions.

OM Suresh 9N1HA who was in Radio Nepal announcing about the missing persons and helping all.9N1DX YL Tej also supported with OM Satish 9N1AA. At 22.10 tremor of 4.5 Rv was experienced and all the people came out of their houses. It was also announced that the tremor will be repeating after each 1.30 hrs so everyone have to stay out for 30 minutes. Power restored at 2.30 a.m. on 26/4/2015.

OM Amer 4X6TT joined all the HAMs on emergency net. He informed that Turkey HAMs are ready to send HAM equipments to Nepal. OM Amer 4X6TT helped to keep the frequency clear as so many DX stations were working. it was also reported from Spain that 15 people along with medical equipments will be reaching Nepal next day. The DX HAMs supported during the operation are T6TM OM Tim, 4X6TT OM Amer, ZL2TZE, CT7ACG and VK land. The VU HAMs are VU2UUU, VU2DED, VU2DPI, VU3MDL, VU3UNO, VU2VV, VU3GAO, VU2AGJ, VU2SMN, VU2DFB, VU2IWA, VU3PUA, VU2RIY, VU2IVV, VU2UPQ and many more. Myself along with OM Suhas VU2SMN and OM Rakesh VU3PUA stayed on the band whole night for emergency communication net. Our stations are working with no break.

Jayu S. Bhide VU2JAU National Coordinator for Disaster Communication in India (ARSI) R3.

Calbuco Volcano Chile

Emergency nets in volcano disaster relief

Southern Chile’s Calbuco volcano erupted this week for the first time in more than 40 years, forcing the evacuation of an area of some 12 miles around the volcano.

Approximately 5,000 residents in a radius of about six miles have been relocated and ash has been reported from as far away as Argentina.

IARU Region 2 reports that emergency nets are in operation primarily on 7,050kHz, with 14,250kHz and 3,738kHz as alternate frequencies. They have requested that other users keep those
frequencies clear for emergency traffic.

European IOTA Activations

EU-008; GM, Muck, Inner Hebrides: MM0KLR

Members of the Kilmarnock and Loudoun Amateur Radio Club will be active from Muck (IOSA NH06, SCOTIA DI18, WAB NM48, WW Loc. IO66uu) between April 26 and May 2 as MM0KLR. QRV on 160-2m (incl. 60m). QSL via MM0KLR (B), MM0GHM (d), eQSL.

EU-014; TK, Corsica Island: Gust – TK/ON6KE

from the 25th until May 9.
QRV on 160-6m on CW, SSB, PSK, and RTTY with antennas close to the sea. QSL via LoTW, ClubLog.

EU-023; 9H, Malta group: – 9H3OO

Goran, S55OO, will be holidaying on Malta (MIA MM-001, WW Loc. JM75) between the 24th and May 2, and operating a bit as 9H3OO. QSL via S55OO (d/B), LoTW, eQSL.

EU-124, GW/MW, Flatholm Island, Welsh Coastal Islands: GW4MBC

The Barry Amateur Radio Society is going to activate Flatholm Island (WLOTA 0007, WW Loc. IO81) from the 24th to the 27th  with the call GW4MBC. They will also join the Marconi event. QSL via MW0DHF (d/B).

GAREC 2015 Cancelled

GAREC 2015 Cancelled

The organisers of the Global Amateur Radio Emergency Conference (GAREC) 2015 have taken the difficult decision to cancel this years conference.

The projected attendance for the conference which was to have been held in Tampere, Finland between June 23-24 was below last year’s and so was not adequate to justify the participation of external speakers and presented a financial risk to the organisers.

Rather than take a chance that attendance will increase substantially leading up to the Conference, a difficult decision has been made to cancel. All registered participants will be contacted by the organisers shortly.

Cancellation of the conference is a loss to the Amateur Radio Emergency Communications community and thoughts are now turning to how to continue with what was started 10 years ago and maintain the good working relationships which have been developed, as well as providing a place for those positive achievements to be promoted.

HB9AW CW Beacon

HB9AW, a 60m beacon project, is a CW transmitter that sends its callsign at 10W followed by five dashes, each lasting five seconds.

The first dash is sent at 10W, the second at 5W, then at 1W, at 100mW and the fifth dash at 10mW. The frequency is 5,291kHz, occupying a narrow bandwidth of about 100Hz.

So far just over 2,000 reports have been received from all over Europe, and the 60m beacon has also been heard in America. Reports can be simply entered at the projects website

Students invited to contact first ESA UK astronaut

Tim Peake, the first British ESA astronaut, has issued an invitation to UK school pupils to contact him via amateur radio whilst he is in space.

Tim will launch to the International Space Station in November of this year and will spend six months working and living on the ISS. UK school pupils will be able to contact him whilst he is on board via a scheduled amateur radio link-up. Schools throughout the United Kingdom are being invited to host one of a limited number of these in-flight calls, which will include space workshops.

Eligible institutions are invited to apply in order to register their interest. Stage 1 application forms, available from the European Space Education Resource Office website at must be returned no later than Friday 24th April.

Maritime Radio Day 2015 14th/15th April

Maritime Radio Day April 2015

Maritime Radio Day is held annually on April 14th 12h00 GMT until April 15th 22h00 GMT

Maritime Radio Day remembers the professional wireless service for seafarers which operated from the beginning of radio around 1900, Maritime Radio until the end of 1998.

The MRD is open to all Amateur Radio Stations. Special stations (like Coastal Radio Stations and ship’s callsigns) can participate to the MRD only if operated by former Merchant Radio officers or military Navy operators, or by radio technicians who worked in the installation and/or maintenance of maritime equipment.

Rules for 2015:

1 Bands: 160m, 80m, 40m, 20m, 15m & 10m & WARC
2 Mode: CW only
3 Power: not limited
4 QSO – Exchange: QSA, QRK, name, callsign of last or favorite ship / aircraft / maintance company (Marconi, DEBEG, SAIT, SIRM, etc.)
5 Silence periods do not have to be observed
6 Deadline of MRD-NC is 1st of May.
7 Certificate of participation (CoP) is available via e-mail only (see notes)
8 Results of MRD-NC will be published on MRD homepage
9 QSL cards: Each participant manages their own QSL card. There is no qsl manager.


– QSA (1 to 5) is the strength of the received signal
– QRK (1 to 5) is the readability and additional a : tr, msg and/or a qtc if you like
– Certificate of Participation (CoP):
SWL’s have to send a complete log entry.
Licensed operators can send their contact list with naval, coastal, special stations to
MRD 2015 Working Frequency

1824.0 kHz
3520.0 kHz
7020.0 kHz
10.118.0 kHz
14.052.0 kHz
18087.0 kHz
21.052.0 kHz
24.897.0 kHz
28.052.0 kHz

In previous years the use of WARC frequencies has been minimal with the exception of 10MHz/30 meters.

More information at

List of registered participating stations at

Spotting Page –

Straight Key Sprint Europe – Thursday 2nd April

Just a reminder that the first Thursday of the month brings the Straight Key Sprint in Europe.

Clocks have gone forward so the timing is now 1900 GMT to 2100 GMT (2000 local time start in the UK and Ireland and 2100 start in most of the rest of Europe)

As ever, before and after the main event we will have 15 minutes of QRS with all contacts counting towards your SKSE score – so that’s slow Morse from 18.45GMT to 19.00GMT and again from 21.00GMT to 21,15GMT.

I’m sorry UK political leaders, but I’ll not be watching you live tonight – much more important things to do with SKSE.

73’s es look forward to QSO’s in SKSE later

Bob / GM3ZDH SKCC #6027T