D-Star News from Scotland

It could be said that, at least in parts of Scotland, the D-Star mode has had a chequered history.   However, there appears to be renewed interest in the D-Star mode.

MB6IDF D-Star Node Dunfermline  434.50000MHz

MB6IDF in Dunfermline on 434.50000MHz can now be linked to XRF600A Reflector (September 2015)

GB7DA-C GB7DA-B D-Star Repeaters Airdrie

A new D-Star Repeater situated near Airdrie is now licenced for operation on 2 metres and is expected to come on air in the near future. The repeater will transmit on 145.7750 MHz with the input being 145.1750 MHz

The repeater is also expected to operate on 70cm subject to approval.

Predicated Coverage for GB7DA-C D-Star Repeater

Predicated Coverage for GB7DA-C D-Star Repeater near Airdrie, Scotland

Above predicated coverage map from the UK Repeater site

GB7DE D-Star Repeater – Fife, Edinburgh, Lothians

GB7DE is the D-Star Repeater covering Fife, Edinburgh and the Lothians.

  • 2m – Port C / 145.6375 MHz -0.6000 DTMF 40973
  • 70cm – Port B / 439.600 MHz -9.000 DTMF 40972
GB7DE-C D-Star Repeater Coverage Map

GB7DE-C D-Star Repeater Coverage Map

GB7GD D-Star Repeater – Aberdeen – 145.6875 MHz

GB7GD is the D-Star Repeater for Aberdeen and surrounding area and outputs on 145.6875MHz with the input on 145.0875. The repeater is  linked to XRF600A Reflector. GB7GD became operation on 27th July 2008

GB7DK D-Star Repeater – Stranraer – 145.6875

The GB7DK D-Star Repeater is located near Stranraer and gives coverage over an area of southwest Scotland . The repeater outputs on 145.6875 MHz with the input on 145.0875 MHz, GB7DK became active on 3rd April 2009

DMR Repeater News for Northern Ireland

DMR Repeater for NorthWest Northern Ireland – GB7LY

An application has been submitted for the establishment of a digital voice DMR Repeater neat Londonderry in the NorthWest of Northenr Ireland, with the callsign GB7LY.

The Northern Ireland DMR repeaters will be based on Hytera RD-985 70cm repeater  equipment and the DMR+ standard. Although the DMR+ system may not be inter-connectable with the DMR-MARC system, in England there are a number of repeaters already on the DMR+ standard,  mostly in the English Midlands, and it will also be possible for D-Star users to connect D-Star using the DCS005F reflector

GB7LY DMR Repeater Predicated Coverage Map

GB7LY DMR Repeater Predicated Coverage Map

DMR Repeater for Belfast

There will soon be an application going in for a DMR repeater located near Carrikfergus which will provide coverage to the Greater Belfast area and probably also reach into parts of SouthWest Scotland. This will be based on a Hytera RD-985 70cm repeater unit.

The DMR Northern Ireland Facebook page can be found at https://www.facebook.com/groups/481183598723548/

Hytera RD985 Repeater

Hytera RD985 Repeater

CEPT/ECC-EURAO: formal agreement signed

CEPT/ECC-EURAO: formal agreement signed


EURAO recently signed a Letter of Under­standing (LoU) with the Electronic Communications Committee (ECC) of the European Con­fe­ren­ce of Postal and Tele­com­munications Ad­mi­nis­tra­tions(CEPT).

Its aim is to cooperate in all Amateur Radio matters.

Most of us know CEPT by its recommendations T/R 61-01 and T/R 61-02. The first one allows radio amateur operation in other countries during short visits, usually up to three months. While the second one establishes the examination syllabus to obtain the Harmonised Amateur Radio Examination Certificate (HAREC), valid to get the license in a lot of different countries.

These seemingly simple recommendations involve considerable effort of coordination between national Administrations, a valuable task carried out by CEPT and its members.

With the signature of this agreement, EURAO wants to recognize the great work done but also to influence the upcoming recommendations and updates of existing ones, whith the objective of wider dissemination.