European HF Championship – Sat 6th August 2016

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The European HF Championship is organised by the Slovenian Contest Club and takes place on the first Saturday of August each year from 12.00 UTC to 23.59 UTC.

This is a contest specifically for European Amateur Radio stations. It’s purpose is for European Amateurs to contact as many other European Amateurs and compete for the “European HF Champion” title. Only EU to EU contacts count (based on CQWW countries list).

All contest bands (i.e. no WARC) are used 160 to 10. Modes are CW or SSB or both.

Contest Exchange is:-

a)  RS(T) report plus a two digit number, meaning the last two digits of the year of operator’s first ever official amateur radio license(i.e. 59(9) 82 means that operator received his/her first ever official amateur radio license in the year 1982).

b)  Operators operating from club stations and guest operators operating from stations owned by other amateurs must sign a two digit number corresponding to the year of his / her own – the operator’s first ever official amateur license, NOT the first license of the station

Full contest rules at

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The contest logger SD V18.34 from supports this contest –  Select the “EU HF Championship” template.