Since the ICOM IC-7300 transceiver came on the market one of the wish list items for the rig is that it had more than one antenna socket.

The Funk Amateur website has recently introduced a kit which, through an external unit, provides the IC-7300 and most other ICOM rigs with the  facility to automatically switch between four antennas.

The FA-AS comes as a complete kit and makes it possible to connect four different antennas and to choose them automatically depending on the operating frequency. Operation and programming are simple and intuitive, the operating status is indicated with multi-colored LEDs. It is possible to operate with a separate transmitting and receiving antenna.

A separate socket is also provided for the connection of a transverter.

The FA.-AS can be controlled with the band voltage or via the CI-V interface of the Icom transceiver.

In addition to the circuit boards and the machined and printed housing, the kit contains all the components required for assembly. (Only wired components are used.)

The cost of the kit within the European Union is 115 Euro (which includes 19% tax)

Shipping costs to European countries is 15 Euro

Price for US and non-EU overseas countries is US $ 105

Te kit can be ordered from the Funk Amateur website