Ian G3NRW has posted a new HOWTO on installing wanted versions of Windows 10 drivers which applies to anyone using Windows 10 to control any rig

Ian reports that several people have experienced issues lately with device drivers being silently replaced with different versions following Windows 10 updates. In particular this has sometimes stopped serial link drivers (for example, for FTDI USB adapters or Silicon Labs USB drivers) working properly.

The problem is that Windows searches suppliers’ sites for their latest drivers. Most times this is the sensible thing to do, but occasionally the latest driver has a bug that prevents it working properly. In this case you may want to retain an earlier version that does work, and wait for the supplier to fix the bug.

So, all you need to do is remove any old drivers from the system, then re-install the version you want. Then tell Windows not to override your wanted version.

Ian has now added a HOWTO to his Resources site with step-by-step instructions explaining how to do this. Click on HOWTOs
<http://g3nrw.net/TS-590/?page_id=256>, and download HOWTO #30: “HOWTO install Windows 10 Device Drivers”.