Amateur Radio Europe is edited and published by Bob Dixon GM3ZDH and grew out of an earlier website dedicated to Amateur Radio in Scotland (which can still be found within this site although somewhat neglected)

Amateur Radio Europe has an aim of focussing on Amateur Radio in Europe and on Radio Amateurs from Europe wherever and whatever they may be doing.

Amateur Radio is an exciting technical hobby which is privileged to be recognised  under the International Telecommunications Union in exactly the same way as international broadcasting, aeronautical and maritime communications and all other forms of radio communications which extend beyond country boundaries into international territory.

Amateur Radio embraces many different types of communications, from historical Morse Code to radio telephony in various traditional modes but now including digital technology, to data communications in various guises, television transmission in analogue and digital as well as slow scan together with communications via satellites and even to the International Space Station. And in the modern world, as well as using traditional radio propagation modes, we can link this all together via or using the Internet.