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Radioarena Glasgow radio equimpment servicing and repairRadioarena

Radioarena is a company based in Glasgow servicing and repairing amateur radio equipement and supplying two-way radio products to any type of business, club or volunteer group that requires good, clean economical radio equipment.



Features of the Radioarena service

  • prices are competitive
  • engineers are well trained and professional
  • guarantee a quick and prompt repair service
  • No job is too big or too small
  • all business received is dealt with in a professional manner.

Radioarena aim to provide a quality service using components purchased from accredited manufacturers.


The company will be happy to give you a quote for servicing and maintaining any radio equipment, such as UHF, VHF and HF two-way radios, handhelds, mobiles, satellite receivers, CB radios, scanners, pagers, repeaters etc. 


Radioarena aim to deal with any queries you might have promptly and invite Radio Amateurs to contact them no matter what your query is.


Radioarena website -

e-mail -


Radioarena Limited, 63 Bridge Street, Glasgow, G5 9JB, Scotland, U.K.


TEL: (0141) 429 1220 - FAX: 0845 0942285