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Harold Bride
2nd Radio Officer RMS Titanic MGY

Radio Officers Jack Phillips and Harold Bride stayed at their posts until just minutes before the vessel foundered - sending out their CQD and SOS distress calls which alerted other ships and resulted in saving more than 700 lives.

Jack Philips died in the sinking, probably of hypothermia. Harold Bride survived the disaster and was a key witness to the events - Harold finished his days in relative obscurity in the village of Stepps near Glasgow and was rumoured to have been an active Radio Amateur.

"It was related by a niece of Bride’s, Christina, that he operated amateur radio in his later years, and would stay up late at night contacting other ‘ham’ operators all over the world. However, to date no record of an amateur operator’s license, callsign, or logged radio contact has been found. However, a recent (August 1999) statement by a longtime resident of Whithorn to amateur radio operator and artist David Waugh of Ireland reveals that there were several aerials around the Bride residence there which caused much speculation at the time, so the possibility of Bride’s involvement with radio after his service with the Marconi Company seems to be at least a possibility."

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Jack Phillips and Harold Bride
Jack Phillips (left) and Harold Bride

Harold Bride with Marconi after the sinking of the Titanic
Harold Bride with Marconi after the sinking


Titanic Radio Room
Picture of the Titanic Radio Room
Radio Officer in Picture thought to be Harold Bride

Harold Bride died of lung cancer on April 29, 1956


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