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Jim Gowans GM4JRG

Jim Gowans GM4JRG became a silent key on Thursday 16th January 2014.

Jim.was licenced in 1979, ws a member of Ayr Amateur Radio Group and was very well known to the Amateur Radio fraternity throughout south-west Scotland and well beyond.

Jim became licence in the days when it was necessary to pass a Morse test in order to obtain the Class A Licence and get on HF because of his disability, Jim was tested at home. The examiner was Bill Moffat, Senior Radio Surveyor from the Ship Radio Inspection Office in Glasgow. Bill arrived at Jim's home and was greeted by Jim's mum who had a cup of tea and home baking waiting for his visit. After the Morse test Jim's mum was bursting to know how he had got on and, when Jim said "I passed Mum" she burst into tears - then dished up more tea and home baking.

Jim had been a Charge Nurse at Ballochmyle Hospital in Ayrshire but his career ended abruptly as the result of a car accident - or, as Jim told it, he had an accident with a combined harvester. Jim was left disabled with severe mobility problems.

Jim's hobbies included watching crime, golf and motor sport programmes on television and, in later years, surfing the net on his computer. But most of all his link to the outside work was Amateur Radio..

Jim's funeral took place in his home town of Cumnock in Ayrshire on Monday 20th January 2014. A good number of his Radio Amateur friends attended to say their final finals.

Jim Gowans GM4JRG - Silent Key







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